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Please note our selection of plaques with come with metal PermaFasteners - requested by many dealers. These 1 cm-thick porcelains are now available in Oval, Rectangle and Heart shapes - and will be shipped to you with the appropriate template to simplify installation. All PermaPorcelains come with our 3M patch with our recommendation that each installation be finished of with epoxy.

Every PermaPorcelain is backed by our Peace of Mind Guarantee - at just half the prevailing price to replace any PermaPorcelain if ever broken or vandalized - with replacement FREE if the photograph should ever fade!

Introducing our Competitive Product Replacement Policy: When you need to replace any non-guaranteed damaged or faded photo plaque, PermaPorcelain will supply it for 25% less than our already below-market price! Just send us a fragment of the broken ceramic or frame, along with a color or b&w photo of the subject. Your cost: 75% of the list price for any model. Delivery: 3-4 weeks!

So PermaPorcelain and PermaFrame are increasing in popularity each year - for very good and valid reasons. We intend to continue to earn your patronage by leading the industry in Quality, Selection, Price, Delivery - and our Guarantee. If you have any questions, just call us at 1-800-55 PERMA (7-3762).

Keep memories alive......

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